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Thursday, September 18, 2008

black hills & badlands of south dakota (vaca pics) and PITTSBURGH PA art show this weekend

our trip is over... headed back to the flat land of indiana..

the Black Hills & Badlands of South Dakota

we had the absolute BEST time in south dakota!! i am extremely outdoorsy -- hubby... mmm not so much - HOWEVER the places we visited in south dakota (especially custer state park) were so gorgeous that even couch potato hubby is ready for a return trip to custer state park this fall for more hiking!!! (and if mom and dad go too they are going to babysit the boys while we go rock climbing).

okay so i took a shit load of pics and if you want to view more of them you can see them in my vaca photo album on facebook but i'll share some here too below.

we spent a few days hiking at custer state park in south dakota - this was hands down all of our favorite destination of the trip!!! (the boys just loved it there!!!) custer state park is filled with so many gorgeous trails that you would need at least a week to hike them all. if you love being outdoors, and hiking custer state park is an absolute MUST see state park!!! once you visit and hike the trails, drive the needles highway and wildlife loop that wind through the custer state park you will see why it is said by many to rival even most national parks. the scenery, wildlife and trails in custer state park are simply breathtaking!!! we didn't go on the jeep tour to see the buffalo herds (because we had the boys) but we had our own encounters with a couple of bison just on the road and on the trails within the park - so, when they say 'be careful buffalo roam wild' they aren't kidding. besides the bison we also saw mountain goat on the trails, wild turkey, deer, antelope, big horn sheep, and some other type of goat or ?? (not sure what they were). some of my favorite pics from custer state park are below - more photos here.

above is a pic of me and my boys at the beginning of lover's leap trail.

below are some pics from the trails...

the pic above is off the lovers leap trail

the pic above was on a gorgeous trail that i think most probably pass up because of the name of the trail... this is one we almost didn't go on but i am so glad we did. it was beautiful in there. the trail is called 'the grace coolidge walk in fishing area' -- it sounded boring.. i don't even know how/why we ended up in there, but did and LOVED IT!

the pic above was us on the trail #4 leading to little devil's tower trailhead - a short but gorgeous trail.

i am not sure where we were at this point.. we got off one of the trails and were just roaming at one point i think i shot this then

the pic above was us at sylvan lake in custer state park

tons more pics of our custer state park adventure including the wildlife here.

we spent a day at the badlands in south dakota.. i had been there several times before, but hubby and the boys had not. it is really something to see -- we were very disappointed however that they do not let dogs on the trails at the badlands - they can get out and go through the park, but are not allowed on the trails. (i do not understand this??)

Pittsburgh PA - Art Show this weekend!

i will be exhibiting my art - including new works (not yet exhibited publicly) this weekend in pittsburgh PA!! for all of my collectors in the PA area please come out and say hello!!

info on the show...

Walnut Street in Shadyside, a popular downtown shopping district of Pittsburgh, will transform into a living, breathing art gallery with 150 exhibitors from around the nation for the 11th Annual Shadyside Art Festival...The Art Festival on Walnut Street. Like all Howard Alan events, the 11th Annual Shadyside, The Art Festival on Walnut Street is a juried show, which means each participating artist is hand-selected from hundreds of applicants to ensure a first-class festival with only the highest quality, original artwork.

Show Hours: Saturday 10 AM - 9 PM and Sunday 10 AM - 5 PM Free, no gate.

Shadyside on Walnut Street in Pittsburgh, PA



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Abstract Art Paintings - on paper

Religious Spiritual Art Paintings - Scripture & Prayer Paintings

Abstract Art Giclee Prints - museum quality, fine art giclees on canvas and paper

Friday, September 12, 2008

leaving for the badlands.. new painting

hi boys and girls - quick, quick update -- we were suppose to leave this morning at 5:00 am to start off for our vaca to the badlands in south dakota.. but are still here (we never seem to start off as early as we intend) - anyhooo... the gallery will be closed until thursday of next week.

below is one of my latest abstract paintings...

title: and another thing

size: 24" x 48" x 1.5"

media: oil, acrylic, graphite on canvas

okay.. i am getting the signal... hubby's ready for to take off -- see you next week! i will take plenty of the pics of stoney and mooseys adventure for the blog -- ciao!


Abstract Art Paintings - on canvas

Abstract Art Paintings - on paper

Abstract Art Giclee Prints - museum quality, fine art giclees on canvas and paper

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

in the studio... umm.. i mean.. in the bathroom

okay so everyone that has come into the gallery has said to me at one time or another... 'when are you going to finish the bathroom??'... okay, okay.. yes we've been in here a really long time and yes i have not done my floor, walls or even allowed the trim to go up in the bathroom.. because well.. i 'have plans for it' -- or so i have been saying and in mind i have had. i did start on the walls about two months ago (see picture below).. but got busy or should i say 'distracted' (it's my very short attention span) -- but today i've decided i am going in and not coming out until i have at least STARTED on the floor. -- the walls will be a combo of collage and abstract painting (from my wish list series)... and the floor is just a collage - there will be a lot of bare space on the walls because i want all visitors to sign it -- with whatever (well by that i mean with their sig, quote, joke.. whatever) -- so here goes with the gallery's bathroom BEFORE photos...

i'll post pics at the end of the day to show the progress... maybe knowing i have to blog about it will keep my attention there longer.. probably not - but worth a shot..


Original Abstract Art - by Michel Keck
Abstract Art Paintings - on canvas

Abstract Art Paintings - on paper

Mixed Media Art Paintings

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

in the studio today...

yesterday at about 2:30 in the afternoon i read an email from one of the dealers that represents my works to send them any type of works i might have that would be fitting to pop culture new york -- they needed it by the end of the day - it was 3:30 there time and they needed it in about 1 1/2.... needless to say there was no way i could complete it in time.. it's for a hotel project in new york (needed it to be approx 5 ft high) but i liked the idea and started playing with it. it's not finished yet.. and i never submitted it for the project because.. well i didn't have it done - but i am liking it.. have a bit more to do. i think of ny and think immediately of mary kate and ashley --- (sorry i like their hair) -- so the andy warhol marilyn face on the statue of liberty has mary kates eyes.. or maybe their ashleys.. had to put THE man rudy and of course the donald in there set into the 'big apples'.. lady liberty can't be in nyc without her chanel bag - am i wrong ladies? --- anyway i shot it with my olympus not the hasselblad - hence the bad picture... but you can enjoy it anyway...

it's not finished yet.. i am trying to work out this runway catwalk thing.. it was causing me all kinds of fits today so i stopped working on it and started an abstract.. which i rather like - i'll show pics when it is photographed. have a great night!

Abstract Art

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Monday, September 8, 2008

prayer and scripture paintings - religious paintings

wanted to pop in to show two of my most recently completed paintings from my prayer and scripture series. these are the first two spiritual paintings from 2008 that have been created that were not created for commission paintings.

title: Matthew 7:7-8
size: 48" x 60" x 1.5"
oil, acrylic & graphite on canvas


close-up #1

close-up #2

room view

title: Serenity Prayer
size: 36" x 48" x 1.5"
oil, acrylic & graphite on canvas


close-up #1

close-up #2

room view

ABSTRACT ART by Michel Keck
Religious / Spiritual Abstract Art

my weekend... the boys play date

hi boys and girls!! gotta blog quickly this morning as i am just getting ready to go into the studio to paint but i wanted to share my weekend updates. we had a really relaxing weekend here at home. scotts sister came home unexpectedly from out of town and we had a nice visit. she lives in manhattan and invited us and the boys to come for Thanksgiving.. so look out Macy's Day parade as a moose and stoney are coming your way. i found out something this weekend i was completely unaware of... many stores in nyc allow your babies (doggies) to go shopping with you... like Bloomingdales for example -- right in with you.. dressing rooms and all. i was like WHAT? i had no clue that your doggies could actually go shopping with you - AWESOME! sharon has a little white princess (spitz) named sasha - so stoney and moosey are looking VERY forward to their Thanksgiving NYC vacation (i will of course take pics for the blog!) so we had a nice visit... some wine.. and on sunday a play date named eli came to play with the boys.

when i say moose ALWAYS has a soccer ball in his mouth.. i really mean moose ALWAYS has a soccer ball in his mouth

NEW ABSTRACT PAINTINGS.. I have a few new abstract paintings -- I will blog on them tonight to show their pics. Two of my latest abstract works are from my abstract art prayer & scripture art series. They will be added to the site today.

ABSTRACT ART - originals by Michel Keck

the new original paper works i showed in the posts a couple of posts down have all sold - i said i would update the site with the ones that didn't sell, but they have all sold. giclee prints of those works will however be available and added to the site this week.

GICLEE PRINTS - of my abstract & mixed media works

okay... off to paint.. will show pics of my new works tonight when i finish in the studio. ciao!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

outdoor art festivals...

so those who get my newsletters and follow my blogs know the 'shows' are new to me since 2007. i've done a few of the larger indoor expos but i have also been doing more and more outdoor art festivals and we've really been enjoying ourselves. (perfect for me because i LOVE being outdoors!) i have meant to show pics of my booth shots from the last show and didn't get a chance yet.. finally uploaded them. below is one of my booth shots from the highwood show we did. we ended up having to get a locking showcase --- people were stealing my books... and not just the little ones.. the large 160 pg 11" x 13" too.. very bizarre.. don't get how people can do that.. but whatever. anyhoooo i had a really great weekend (i'll blog about it tomorrow) getting ready to go watch me some britney (*fingers crossed it's better this time around!! LOVE MY BRITNEY!!)


Thursday, September 4, 2008

LET'S MAKE A DEAL.. Art for ??

what are YOU willing to trade for an original painting by yours truly?

check out my new art blog - LETS MAKE A DEAL and find out how you can own an original Keck painting for a simple trade.

there's only one rule... no art.. you can offer to trade me anything except art.

so.. if you are ready... let's make a deal!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

new abstract paintings by yours truly..


all images copyright Michel Keck


abstract art

abstract art
GIVE IT YOUR BEST SHOT - 48" x 60" - oil, acrylic, ink, graphite on canvas

abstract art

abstract art
I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT - 48" x 48" - oil, acrylic, graphite on canvas

LEFT OF CENTER - 36" x 60" x 1.5" - oil, acrylic, ink, graphite on canvas



below are some of my most recent works on paper - I will know which originals are still available in the next day or so and the ones that have not sold will be listed to my abstract art site

To view or purchase more of my abstract art paintings please go to

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