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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

in the studio today...

yesterday at about 2:30 in the afternoon i read an email from one of the dealers that represents my works to send them any type of works i might have that would be fitting to pop culture new york -- they needed it by the end of the day - it was 3:30 there time and they needed it in about 1 1/2.... needless to say there was no way i could complete it in time.. it's for a hotel project in new york (needed it to be approx 5 ft high) but i liked the idea and started playing with it. it's not finished yet.. and i never submitted it for the project because.. well i didn't have it done - but i am liking it.. have a bit more to do. i think of ny and think immediately of mary kate and ashley --- (sorry i like their hair) -- so the andy warhol marilyn face on the statue of liberty has mary kates eyes.. or maybe their ashleys.. had to put THE man rudy and of course the donald in there set into the 'big apples'.. lady liberty can't be in nyc without her chanel bag - am i wrong ladies? --- anyway i shot it with my olympus not the hasselblad - hence the bad picture... but you can enjoy it anyway...

it's not finished yet.. i am trying to work out this runway catwalk thing.. it was causing me all kinds of fits today so i stopped working on it and started an abstract.. which i rather like - i'll show pics when it is photographed. have a great night!

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