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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

in the studio... umm.. i mean.. in the bathroom

okay so everyone that has come into the gallery has said to me at one time or another... 'when are you going to finish the bathroom??'... okay, okay.. yes we've been in here a really long time and yes i have not done my floor, walls or even allowed the trim to go up in the bathroom.. because well.. i 'have plans for it' -- or so i have been saying and in mind i have had. i did start on the walls about two months ago (see picture below).. but got busy or should i say 'distracted' (it's my very short attention span) -- but today i've decided i am going in and not coming out until i have at least STARTED on the floor. -- the walls will be a combo of collage and abstract painting (from my wish list series)... and the floor is just a collage - there will be a lot of bare space on the walls because i want all visitors to sign it -- with whatever (well by that i mean with their sig, quote, joke.. whatever) -- so here goes with the gallery's bathroom BEFORE photos...

i'll post pics at the end of the day to show the progress... maybe knowing i have to blog about it will keep my attention there longer.. probably not - but worth a shot..


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