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Friday, April 25, 2008

ART CHICAGO - opening night reception

i love chicago! chicago has always been my favorite place to exhibit my art. they really appreciate art in chicago and the merchandise mart did an absolutely MAGNIFICENT job on promoting all of the many activities taking place during art chicago.

below are some pics (sorry from a phone cam so they are really horrible) - but snapped from the preview party last night which was a huge success. i can NOT attend the show today (friday) but i will be there for the rest of the days of the show - saturday, sunday, monday. (so if you did want to speak with me during the artist project please note i will be absent 4-25).

huge THANK U to merchandise mart for your superior promotion of this event and thank u to the collectors and attendees who came out to support art chicago during the opening night reception!

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

new original abstract painting - reality fix - shaved head

below is one of my most recent abstract art paintings - it will be exhibiting during The Artist Project (see me in booth 1091). this is done in similar style of painting as my works; day of reckoning, it was fun while it lasted, reloaded - which are from my new series 'the buck stops here'.

while my original abstract paintings from this series (the buck stops here) have a more minimal feel/look than other styles i work in, the paintings from this series actually go through several stages of 'completed paintings' before i reach the final work i am satisfied with. the buck stops here is about layering and removal, layering and removal.. layering and removal until getting to the point of 'enough is enough' (hmmmmm perhaps a title for a future work in this series).

Sadly Mistaken - 24" x 48" x 1.5" oil, acrylic, graphite on canvas

Close-up images of this original abstract art painting are at the links below...

close-up 1

close-up 2

reality fix

- okay so my favorite reality show BB9 is coming to an end. i LOOOOOVED joshua, (also chelsia & sharon) - who are now all evicted. didn't like sheila but wanted to see her out last either ryan or adam. feeling bad to know ryan will soon be out to see that his girlfriend he loves was stabbing him in the back and calling him a racist in front of millions (poor guy - he's too nice for her). don't really care who wins between the two boys.. don't know if i will watch the end (yeah right!!! -- i always say that and always tune in). hope sharon wins that fan favorite thing --- LOOOOOOOOOOVED that they had a girl in the house who didn't feel the constant need to put on make up 24 hours a day and have her boobies hanging out.. she just didn't give a shit - loved her attitude! --- couldn't really get into survivor this year, and now that hottie ozzie is gone... also don't really care who wins. hell's kitchen (LOVE GORDON) - but don't like any of the chefs this year - worst year yet imho. --- TILA's back!!!!!!!!! and i was pissed she didn't pick dani -- and i am so NOT surprised she is back - and being a huge dani fan i was like.. there is so no way i am watching her again --- yet found a re-run yesterday afternoon from the first show and yeah i caved and watched it.. and will probably tune in now every week lol! -- let's see... the hills -- omg yes my husband and i are far TOO OLD TO BE WATCHING THIS SHOW --- yet i am continually tuning in --- and is it just me or is heidi the only person on the face of the earth that can get plastic surgery and look worse? (sorry LC fan here - she has the best hair ever). -- ok guess that's it -- could it be i am getting tired of reality t.v.????????? --- WHEN IS 24 COMING BACK ON?????


i've been meaning to blog about this --- one of my best friends shaved her head for st. baldricks ----- OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay she has got mad confidence because i don't know if i could/would do it. she told me i could put up her pic so here she is donning her new do -- and she looks FABULOUS! her and her son raised over $3,000 for a great cause!! very proud of them!!

and in case you want to know what she looked like with hair below is a pic of me and a couple of my best friends in vegas (she is on left in blue) -- look at all that hair she cut off!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

pics of the boys - NC show updates

we've been breaking out the camera on the boys again now that we are out every day and the weather is nice again. -- i know u are all have withdrawals of moose and stoney pics.

stoney (aka mr. bones) LOVES the water. we talked to stoney's god parents often (his foster mommy and daddy who saved him and took such good care of him until he found us for his forever home) -- and it is rare for greyhounds to really be so crazy over water, swimming, dips in the pond, etc. so stoney's love for the water makes us laugh!! he seems to out of the place in the water but we simply can't keep him out - HE LOVES IT!!!! now.. stoney's love for the water combined with his brothers ability to continually show him all the things he shouldn't be doing made for one of our funniest stoney pics to date. --- below is a pic looking out to our hot tub cover --- which we have had to replace two previous times (and going on a third) because moosey (aka the mooseinator) likes to spend his afternoons on top of the hot tub cover -- even though every morning we take dog beds out to the porch and there are outdoor couches and chairs for him as well. let's just say if ceasar came to our house scott and i would be in BIG TROUBLE for letting him rule the roost. ;-)

okay... so the hot tub cover after a rain with it's continual DIP (from the moo) makes for the absolute worst pool ever - but stoney.. apparently VERY ready for his trip to the pond shows he is nothing if not resourceful..

given the choice between hot tub cover and pond however... stoney says i'm outta here...

take me to the real thing....

and of course little baby moosey is just having fun no matter where he goes...

so those are some of the latest pics of the boys over the past few days. i know i know... best looking boys ever!!!

okay so i have a few minutes to do a quick update on the l.a. and n.c. shows i had over the past month. we made some great connections with additional upscale furniture companies who fell in love with my art. Below is a couple of shots of one of the new companies we are working with for the sale of my fine art giclee line. i am working on creating a custom line for a new company which will be available through them solely - this is something i am VERY excited about and something i am wanting to do more of -- exclusive lines through seperate companies.

we made connections with several top design firms, and architects throughout the U.S. who have added me to their portfolio so i am very excited about a couple of new projects that we've been discussing. one including a 40 story high rise development that wishes to showcase both my originals (in the lobby and corridors) and selections from my giclee prints throughout.

we are continuing to work very hard to build my line of fine art giclees - they receive rave reviews and i am extremely proud of what we are putting out. i owe HUGE kudos to a hubby that puts in 110% too in that department.

Monday, April 21, 2008

latest original abstract painting - UFC 83 matt & georges

hi boys and girls! took the boys for a long walk this morning to the pond. stoney took his morning swim while his brother bounded through the hills of snake grass that is taller than he is.

so if u watched UFC 83 u saw my boyfriend hottie matt sera have his ass handed to him by my other boyfriend georges st. pierre "the ass" -- who has the finest butt in UFC history --- or as i also call him frency! i didn't chose a side this time before the fight.. i couldn't bring myself to do it. as u know (if u read my blogs) 99% of the time i decide who will win by the fighters HF (hotness factor).... and since i could't decide because they are both equally smokin' i didn't.

you can watch matt sera's post interview fight here and u can watch the ass's post interview fight here (girls u may want to watch just to listen to him.. LOVE his accent!)

below is a painting i completed the middle of last month it was suppose to exhibit in high point but was accidentally left behind in the gallery so it will be exhibiting for the first time publically at the artist project this week in chicago.


Long Time Coming - 60" x 60" x 1.5" oil, acrylic, graphite on canvas

Close-up images of this original abstract art painting are at the links below...

close-up 1

close-up 2

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reloaded - original abstract art painting

FINALLY!!!! the past few days have been absolutely gorgeous! the boys have been very thankful as we are back to our twice a day walks. this has been the longest/coldest winter i remember in a long time -- very glad it's over.

i've been very busy painting in the studio creating new works for the artist project show in chicago. the space is small - 10 x 10 so only a few works can show at a time... just deciding on which to hang, and which to put in storage.

below is a one of my latest... finished awhile ago but recently photographed (as with all i list). titled - 'reloaded' - enJOY!


Reloaded - 58" x 58" x 1.5" oil, acrylic, graphite on canvas

Close-up images of this original abstract art painting are at the links below...

close-up 1

close-up 2

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

hard pill to swallow original abstract art painting

hi boys and girls!! below is my latest original painting titled 'hard pill to swallow' - it is a mixed media painting of oil,acrylic,and graphite on canvas. it is 24" x 48" x 1.5" - enJOY!

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Friday, April 18, 2008

sink or swim new original abstract painting

below is one of my latest paintings - sink or swim - an original abstract mixed media work.

Sink or Swim - 24" x 48" x 1.5" - acrylic, ink, graphite on canvas

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

new original abstract art painting - in spite of everything

below is two of my newest abstract art paintings titled "In Spite of Everything" - it is acrylic and graphite on canvas - 24" x 36" x 1.5" - and "Even the Score" also an original abstract painting with acrylic and graphite on canvas. enJOY!

In Spite of Everything - 24" x 36" x 1.5"

Even the Score - 24" x 36" x 1.5"

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

latest original abstract art paintings & The Artist Project art show

ts been really crazy here with these three shows back to back -- looking forward to taking some time off in may to just chill outdoors. a gallery in texas will be taking me to a show in Vegas in may so i'll update my site with info as i get the booth information.

if u are in the chicagoland area please come out to The Artist Project i'll be exhibiting in this juried fine art festival. there is some AMAZING artists that will be there - come check it out and support original artists!

i'll be in booth 1091 at the artist project - come out if u can!!

i've got some new large scale abstract works that i've been working on that i will be exhibiting there - i will show pics when they are photographed.

below is one of my latest original abstract art paintings.. - It Was Fun While It Lasted - a diptych of two 24" x 36" canvases oil & acrylic on canvas

close-up views of it was fun while it lasted..

Large Abstract Art Paintings on Canvas

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new abstract painting - group art show Lilian Fendig Gallery

hey!! if u are in the northern indiana or lafayette/indy area please come out to the PAC group show at the Lilian Fendig gallery in the Carnegie Center in rensselaer, indiana.

I will have some work in the show and will be there the night of the artist's reception - april 18th. come out have a few drinks and - BUY SOME ART! support local artists creating original art!

below is one of my new abstract paintings - catch 22 - 36" x 60" x 1.5" - oil & acrylic on canvas

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

b-day - new abstract art paintings & NC art exhibit

today is my bday!! i am 37 -------- fuck that sounds old! -- but i feel 20 so it's all good!

this month is crazy... want to really blog about BIG BROTHER and all my reality shows.. but no time. if you are in the north carolina area you can come see several new original works exhibiting in high point north carolina during high point. this is a show for the trade -- mainly for us to make connections with new designers looking for fresh contemporary art for their upcoming projects and furniture stores wishing to carry my line of fine art giclee prints.

so if you are in the trade please come see my hubby scott in showroom G376 in the IHFC building April 7th-13th

one of my new works that will be exhibiting is day of reckoning - 56" x 56" x 1.5" oil and acrylic on canvas.

close-ups of day of reckoning...

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