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Sunday, August 17, 2008

some more new works...

the following two works are some of the smaller mixed media/collage works i've been working on too. fun pieces... the works are on canvas, and they are on a wood back with glass front. smaller pieces - 23" wide.

the first work below is titled - "ready, aim, fire" - and it is one of my works that I sold at Highwood Art Festival this weekend.. this piece today actually.

the work below is titled - Bang Bang II has just been listed for sale on my auction web site





Sondra Davis said...

Hi Michel! I met you and Scott Saturday at the festival. (I was the woman with my Bischon Chloe). I just ordered a print of Hard Knock Life and I can't wait for it to arrive!!! Can you tell me if it would be possible to have it delivered before this weekend?

Abstract Art by Keck said...

Sondra HELLO!!!!! It was wonderful meeting u AND little chloe (who is an absolute little doll btw!). We will ship this out for you tomorrow hon and you will get tracking notification immediately upon it's shipment - you will definitely have it before the weekend - probably have it no later than Thursday. If you have any other questions at any time do not hesitate to email or phone us toll free at 1-888-969-5325 and we will get back to you asap. THANK YOU TRULY FOR THE SUPPORT OF MY ART - it is much appreciated! - you'll have to stop into the gallery sometime.. we are not too far from you. (feel free to bring your little baby too we are very dog friendly!!)

Donna Rogers said...

Hello there. I'M A HUGE FAN! I have been admiring your work online since 2003. Ready, Aim, Fire is a wonderful piece!! I am an artist too but I am not making a living from it yet. Your artwork and all your success is a great inspiration to me. KEEP IT UP GIRL!!!!!!!!!

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