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Sunday, June 1, 2008

art business news article - deerfield fine art festival - eliteXC.. move over dana??

hi boys & girls!


big THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by to view my art at the cuneo and deerfield art festivals in illinois the past two weekends. we had an amazing show this weekend so i also wanted to say thank you to debbie of dwevents (the shows promoter) who saw me at the artist project and sent me an invite to participate in their shows -- THANK YOU!! we look very forward to deerfield fine art festival next year!! several originals sold this weekend... breaking point, never say never, it's not over yet, and adaptation sold. --- hubby was not suppose to sell adaptation... which i didn't even know that it had ended up at the show. anyhooo it was not photographed yet (my fault actually) and it was the first work in a series i've been working on where i am putting to use all of the rags from studio (yeah i guess i am going through my 'recycling' stage again). can't help it really as this planet is filled with so much garbage and the amount of trash i make in my studio is honestly sickening.. so anyway... this was the first one of the works in this series. there are four so far.. i will put up pics as soon as we get them photographed.


i was recently interviewed for an article art business news is doing on women and art.. not sure when it is coming out but i will find out and post it on my events and news page as soon as i know. i think there are 5 or 6 female artists that will be featured in the article. -- i think i need to hire a 'writer' to answer interview questions for me... i'm honestly just awful at it. it's like talking about my art at art exhibits.. i suck at that too. i don't know why either.. i love to talk (just ask hubby... or any of my friends).. so it isn't like i'm shy... i guess i just would rather make art than talk about it. (but i am VERY thankful to have been interviewed so THANK YOU jennifer & debbie for thinking of me for the article - much appreciated!)

eliteXC --- move over Dana???

okay... so if you read my blog you know i am not only obsessed with johnny depp.. but i am also obsessed with mma and the hot boys of the UFC. well.... WHO WATCHED CBS and eliteXC last night???????????? I DID!!! there were no real hot boys there last night... at least not in the ring anyway... (*my cutie MATT HUGHES was in the corner for lawler. and i LOVE matt hughes!!) -- so i couldn't really go with my hotness factor of judging fights. and none of the fights were really very good imho with the EXCEPTION of the GIRL FIGHT!!! ALL I CAN SAY IS OMG

so if you hadn't heard of eliteXC before you may have caught it on CBS last night (i didn't know that it was going to be on prime time and hubby was just flipping through the guide and we caught it last minute) -- but anyway if you did watch then you HAVE to agree that the girl fight was the BEST fight of the night - hands down!!!

Gina Carrano (mma fighter - and american gladiators star) who is GORGEOUS btw - kicked some major ass last night!! she is amazing.. just really great at what she does. it was a terrific fight.. i was screaming and squirming around. i think women fight harder than men... or maybe not 'harder' but they are just more vicious. anyway they put on a really thrilling fight for the audience - i loved it!! Kaitlin Young (Gina's opponent) was really tough too... but Gina destroyed her... did you see her face???

so what is going on with the UFC?? does dana have to worry about eliteXC??? as with anything else, when something is successful it will be knocked off. dana, regardless whether the fighters who have fought in the UFC love him or hate him did amazing things for mma. so now eliteXC will probably start to really take off.. and along will come another and another. one thing i think dana has to start to consider is letting women in to the UFC.

so i guess that's it for now.. i've rambled long enough.. some shows coming up at the end of this month in ohio so i will be busy painting again to get ready for that (check my news and events page) for more upcoming shows.





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