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Sunday, May 4, 2008

my latest abstract painting - worth a shot - original by keck

below is my latest original abstract painting titled worth a shot.

it is listing tonight at auction on my new auction site - every month i list a select number of original paintings on my art auction site - always with $1.00 opens, reserves set at dealer pricing or below and guaranteed to list at auction one time only. (if this painting, worth a shot, does not sell at auction it will be exhibiting at a juried art fest i am participating later in the year in chicago - and will be available at full gallery retail).


title: worth a shot
size: 36" x 56" x 1.5"
oil pastels, acrylic, graphite



my news and events page will be updated shortly with my summer and fall/winter upcoming exhibitions please check back often.

spent most of the week working on commissions but took some time off the other day with the baby boys while they had company over for a playdate. while the boys played i supervised from the deck and read from the book i am currently reading --- witness to roswell unmasking the 60 year cover-up --- SHUT UP it's really good!!! --- don't make fun... it was a gift (along with a pair of alien socks, and alien tee very cute btw) that mom brought home for me from her recent trip to new mexico to visit her girlfriend. roswell was one of their many activities on her vaca and i love my pressys!! and yes i saw a ufo when i was little (shut up again - i swear!!!) anyhoooo the book is AWESOME and when i wasn't snapping pics of the little angels playing i was sucked into the book... OMG u have to read it.. very scary shit.. not the little green men.. but the govt.

okay so here's some pics from moosey & stoneys recent playdate... as you can see from the first pic molly just jumped right in and started checking things out... look at moosey all being a perfect gentlemen and waiting his turn while assuming the position. he's all like... c'mon let's get this over with shall we there's soccer to play (honestly i don't think i've ever seen moosey that close to a soccer ball without it being in his mouth). stoney is all like... we gotta come up with a better way for a meet and greet.. this is humiliating.

awwwwwwwwwwwww too cute! love them! alright... so.. guess that's about it.. i am also currently working on (on and off) my next limited edition art book - hopefully to be finished by the end of the month. i'll keep you posted!

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