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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

hot off the press - Mixed Media Works - Keck art book

By Michel Keck

hi boys and girls!! the first issue of my second art book - Mixed Media Works (2006-2008) is hot off the press! Mixed Media Works (2006-2008) is a soft-cover (will also be available as hard-cover), open edition, 26 page art book that is a compilation of my favorite mixed media works from 2006-2008.

you can preview or purchase my contemporary art book - Mixed Media Works (2006-2008) through blurb. please keep in mind that blurb's book preview is LOW RES - translation the version you purchase will be HIGH res, with sharp pictures and text.

i have other contemporary art books in the works as well -- i am working on a similar small open edition art book of my favorite abstract works from (2006-2008), a small open edition art book of my contemporary abstract art paintings from my Wish List series, and also a large, limited edition art book that is a compilation of my favorite abstracts, mixed medias, photographs, and collage works from 2005 to present. the limited edition book i do not expect to be complete until the end of July.

thanks to all of my collectors for your continued support throughout the years!!

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