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Saturday, March 15, 2008

new abstract art paintings - paper cut series

i started a new series of original abstract art paintings last month and i’m calling this series my paper cut series.. hubby came in to my studio one day when i was working on the second painting shown below (him coming into my studio when i am painting is well... basically FORBIDDEN) - so he comes in and he hands me an envelope from a friend he thought i’d want to open -- which i did.. but i still peered over my glasses with my ’you know you aren’t suppose to be in here look’ --- so i very impatiently slide my finger in and rip into it and gave myself a wicked paper cut on my index finger on my right hand. i cursed... hubby laughed... and i threw a paint brush at him
anyhooo.. i’ve done quite a few works in this series already. it’s been a lot of fun and i’m really enjoying them - hope u like them.

I from paper cut series - 15" x 30" - mixed media on canvas

II from paper cut series - 15" x 30" mixed media on canvas

III from paper cut series - 15" x 30" mixed media on canvas

IV 15" x 30" mixed media on canvas

the above original abstract art paintings are available and each is also available as a contemporary abstract art giclee print.

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